Rabbi Yehoshua Krohn  

Board Certified Mohel

(Ritual Circumciser)



Pick The Mohel's Brains

Ever wonder what to ask? Get me on the phone and ask it all...here's a list you can print...

1. How do we figure the proper day and time?

2. And what if we can't do it that day?

3. Sabbath/Holiday Bris possible? What's involved?

4. We want it kinda private. Is that ok?

5. Need a Minyan (ten Jewish people)?

6. Do we need to ask a Rabbi to come, in addition to the Mohel?

7. What credentials do you have?

8. Are you a doctor or connected with a hospital?

9. What's with that thing that has been in the news lately? Do you do that?

10. Any special kind of Food? Kosher food? Do we even need food?

11. What will we owe you for your service?

12. How clean is this going to be? Sterility??

13. What do we need to set up for the circumcision and the post care?

14. Will you come back to check out the little man?

15. Can we reach you if we have any concerns?

16. Will our son feel much pain?

17. Can you make it pain free?

19. Will you pay for the Bar-Mitzvah? (just checking if you're there)

18. Will you include my non-Jewish spouse/family?

19. Can toddlers be around during the ceremony?

20. How do we choose a Hebrew name?

21. Will you give him the Hebrew name at the Bris?

22. Can you name our daughter also?

23. How do we include our family and friends?

24. Can we have NO ONE touch the baby?

25. Will you explain the significance of it all?

26. Do you include English is the service?

27. We are not fond of jokes. Can you keep it solemn?

28. I can't bear watching. Must I? May I leave the room?

29. What did I forget to ask?